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Sheet Labels

There was a time - and not that long ago, either! - when most labels came preprinted on rolls, so you were out of luck if you needed blank labels. Oh, sure, there were some do-it-yourself labels that were basically blank stickers, but they required you to hand-write your labels. If you were really crafty, you could roll them into your typewriter and then type 'em, but the roll labels really weren't optimized for that - it was easy to get them jammed, or sideways, or otherwise just mess things up. Even the few blank sheet labels available, like those made for manila folders, were meant to be handwritten. Some larger, standard-sized sheet labels existed, but it was still a pain to have to type your labels. Mostly they were used as packaging labels and mailing labels, where you typed or wrote out the info and addresses for stuff you were storing or mailing.

And heaven forbid you should need more than a few at a time; most available blank labels were for hobbyists, scrapbookers, and those who had just a few things to label at a time. And as for durable labels? Forget about it! You made do with paper DIY labels or did without.

I can feel you Millennials shuddering from here. And get this: we didn't have DVDs or smartphones, either!

Then came desktop computers and printers, and the desktop publishing industry - and oh my, how things changed in the do-it-yourself label world. Suddenly, it was possible to print your own labels accurately and speedily - and after shaking its head a little, the industry rolled with the punches and began to mass-produce sheet labels standardized in the 8.5" x 11" format that all American printers and copy machines use. The big manufacturers rose to the challenge with not just a wide range of paper sheet labels, but more durable sheet labels made of polyolefin, BOPP, and other composites that could handle all kinds of environments - hot, cold, abrasion, chemical, oily, wet, dry, you name it.

Our own sheet labels, in our not-so-humble opinion, are the best in the business. They can ALL be used freezer labels, because we make sure from the get-go that our adhesives are not only immune to the cold, they also won't get damaged by the moisture or frost refrigerated items often face. Even better, they're all food-grade quality, so whether you're freeze-drying chopped ancho peppers or chilling cocktail shrimp for the big meeting tomorrow, you can rest assured that these freezer labels not only won't fall off the containers or turn to sodden mush, their components won't contaminate your edibles, either.

Blank sheet labels are one of our stocks in trade, and you can print on them using widely available software formats with both laser or inkjet printers. (If you're still using dot-matrix or daisy-wheel, time to join the 21st century!) If you don't care to print your own sheet labels, we can do it for you, no problem; but for preprinted sheet labels, we suggest you call us directly for a quote so we can get you squared away quicker.

Following are our most popular sheet label products. To learn more, just click on each link.

  1. Round Corner Rectangle (LR) 
  2. Square Corner Rectangle (LS)
  3. Round Circle (LC)
  4. Special Shape (SS)
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